Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Several times on Tuesday, the Red Bull Racing shop got unintentionally buzzed by N2RW, the Bell 427 helicopter owned and sometimes-piloted by Rusty Wallace. You see, RWI has a three-building race shop across the street on Knob Hill Road and it features its very own heli pad (photo was not taken at race shop helipad). So when the buildings start to rattle, a few folks can be heard saying "There's Rusty" out loud. Who knows where he is coming from or going to, but it sure is the best way to beat the congested traffic in ever-growing Mooresville. By the time it takes to round the corner to get on the interstate, Rusty is probably half way to his dealerships near Bristol, TN for a visit. Maybe when the Red Bull BO-105 aerobatic helicopter visits Mooresville, Rusty will let us use his helipad in exchange for a thrill ride.


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