Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Almost Famous

Wednesday at Hickory Motor Speedway, the team held a photo shoot at America's Most Famous Short Track. Organized in a span of 24 hours per the request of an Austrian photographer friend of the team, Hickory provided the perfect backdrop as Juergen photographed the newly decaled 83 showcar from all angles -- static and moving. The moving shots came courtesy of a Toyota Tundra chase vehicle. Not sure how many laps in total were run, but the day ended a tad prematurely when a tire flat-spotted because of broken wheel bearing that locked up the spindle (or something like that). At that moment Juergen was crammed inside the 83 car where a passenger seat would be on a commerical car. No walls were hit, but it did smoke up quite a bit. The pictures promise to be amazing says Juergen. Thanks Hickory!


Anonymous ashley said...

Sounds like you guys had fun!

1:12 PM  
Blogger el toro rojo said...

Can't wait to see the pix from this event!

6:42 PM  

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