Thursday, May 17, 2007

First Person

This year Red Bull has been shooting a series of "First Person" videos across the country with college student Lenay as the subject of the adventures. Basically she gets to participate in different extreme sports and challenges that Red Bull puts their sponsorship dollars towards. Already this year she has gone sky diving with the Red Bull Air Force and flown at 6 G's with Red Bull aerobatic pilot Kirby Chambliss.

Today her mission was to learn to race a stock car, complete a pass on the track and do a burnout on her own. Her teacher for the day? Red Bull Racing's own AJ Allmendinger! A Red Bull film crew rented out Hickory Motor Speedway for the day to complete the driving lessons. First Lenay rode around the track for a while as a passenger in AJ's car (we were using the Red Bull show cars - one of which is a 2-seater). Next she drove around the track for a while on her own in the #83 car, with AJ giving her pointers along the way in her headset. When she was comfortable, AJ joined her on track in the #84 car. She was able to follow his lines and eventually even completed a pass. Now AJ likely slowed down a little to let her pass... but who knows, maybe she was just that good! She did surprisingly well though and completed all of her goals - in fact, she became so confident in the car that she started teasing AJ about taking over driving the #84 car this weekend at Lowe's.

The video footage will be posted on youtube, FaceBook and other sites in the next month or so. So as soon as we have a link, we will be sure to share it with everyone! Stay tuned to see AJ & Lenay in action on the track!


Blogger Krissy said...

She is one lucky lady. How cool would that to be race around Hickory with AJ Allemdinger!!! I am so jealous.

Good luck to AJ and the 84 team in the Open, and Brian and the 83 team in the All-Star race. We are all cheering for you.


7:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How AJ was a good boy all day!

8:22 PM  
Anonymous toro rosso 83fan said...

TRB, just wanted to thank you for the feature article on the "mothership" web site. I am glad to see that your gear will be classier than the generic Nascar stuff out there. Even though I am a long time Nascar fan, I hate all the gaudy, loud stuff. Can't wait to see what you put out.

5:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what do you have to do to get that setup - damn, even the petty driving school doesn't let you do that. I WANT TO RACE AJ

5:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thats very interesting....but, I'd like to Congratulate the 83 pit crew on their getting to the final rounds of the pit crew challenge by beating Tony Stewart's crew! Awesome guys! Red Bull pit crew guys are the best! Would love to know the names and see pictures of all of the crew guys of both the 83 and 84 teams! They are just as important as the driver! Right?

5:59 AM  

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