Saturday, December 06, 2008

Silver to the Super Bowl

“Some would call it a mirrored aluminum silver. Some would call it a titanium finish. We would just have to call it bad ass.” — Marty Briggs, paint shop manager, on the silver No. 84

“I know what I’m up against. I have about two hours of practice then I have to be ready to race. I love throwing myself off the deep end every once in awhile.” — Scott Speed before his first truck race at Atlanta

“We hope for the best, but are always prepared for the worst.” — Crewman Brian Dheel

“The car’s in one piece. It’s better than a lot of people can say. It was definitely a wreckfest.” — Brian Vickers on the July race at Daytona

“This thing had 110,000 people — 10,000 people in the water and 100,000 around watching this Red Bull event. It was freakin’ awesome, really one of the coolest Red Bull events I’ve ever done.” — Scott Speed on judging the Red Bull Flugtag event in Tampa, Fla.

“It’s awesome. It’s very American. The stadium is just terrific. I have no words. We have big soccer stadiums in Europe. But we have no big motorsports stadiums. Just an incredible experience for me to ride here. And to go in third gear through the banking … was (expletive) awesome.” — Christian Pfeiffer, a German Red Bull stunt bike rider, on Bristol

“The Giants win 24-21, only because professionals play with a lot of pride. It’s a joke to the NFL that one team can beat everybody. Those days are over. The Giants will beat the Patriots.” — Gasman Mike Metcalf’s Super Bowl prediction


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looking forward to next year. I wonder why they went with the number 82 and got rid of the 84.

4:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it's because all the RED BULL cars that SS has been in have had a 2 in the number. ARCA-2, Truck-22.
Personally, I like it better than 84.

8:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

probably right, I like 82 better myself

1:27 AM  
Blogger Mberenis said...

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12:08 AM  

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