Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Finals Week: Part II

And the questions keep on coming …

1. The No. 83 pit crew churned out five straight stops under what time (in seconds) to win the NASCAR Sprint Pit Crew Challenge?

2. What retiring Formula One driver spent the day at Dover in June?

3. True or false: AJ Allmendinger met “The Terminator” at California.

4. The Red Bull Energy Station made its first appearance of 2008 at what track?

5. Scott Speed led how many laps in his first Craftsman Truck Series victory at Dover?

6. What North Carolina race fan was the recipient of the No. 83’s loose wheel in May’s 600?

7. The Red Bull X-Fighters made its first stop in the United States at what location?

8. Brian Vickers was paired with a long-drive professional on the HP Tee Shot Tour. Who was he?

9. From how many laps down did Scott Speed come back to finish eighth in the ARCA race at Cayuga?

10. Of the 11 yellow flags in the August race at Indianapolis, how many were competition cautions?

Answers: 1. 23 seconds, 2. David Coulthard, 3. True (Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger), 4. Las Vegas Motor Speedway, 5. The final 51, 6. John Holman, 7. Fort Worth Stockyards, 8. Kevin Bullard, 9. Five, 10. Six.


Anonymous Ashley said...

Happy Thanksgiving every at Red Bull & their families!

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