Sunday, November 16, 2008

38 Weeks Later

Red Bull Racing Team storylines as the grind comes to a close today at Homestead-Miami Speedway:

+ After a driver swap, Brian Vickers (above) starts 20th as the team attempts to move the No. 84 in the top 35. Vickers is a veteran of five Sprint Cup races at the 1.5-mile track, with a best finish of 18th in November 2004. The No. 84 sits 36th — 17 points from being locked into the first five races of 2009.

“I spent the whole year (2007) outside of the top 35, going through that. There’s a lot of positives that can come from this,” said Vickers, who was seventh fastest in Saturday’s final practice. “It’s really important for the whole team, for all of Red Bull, to have both these cars in the top 35 next year. Hopefully, I’ll be able to help those guys with that.”

+ Scott Speed, in the No. 83, starts on the front row after an impressive effort in Friday’s qualifying. He logged only seven laps in opening practice, but later turned a lap at 171.461 mph to qualify second. He’ll roll off just ahead of Chase contender Carl Edwards.

“My job is going to be a lot more difficult keeping it up there on Sunday,” Speed said. “It’s going to make our job more pressured by starting up front, but we’re taking our time. There’s a lot still to learn and we’re getting closer everyday.”

The green flag drops just before 4 p.m. ET.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

be the first to comment, and I can understand if y'all will be upset with me. What I have to say is that I'm a BV fan, but based on the past few weeks, RBRT should've kept Allmendinger and Speed. Vickers should've gotten the boot. All he had to do today was keep that car in the top 35. He did that, but also got that stupid pit road speeding penalty. All year long, it's been excuse after excuse as to why he didn't end up in victory lane. Now, these two F1 guys are showing him up. Brian needs to grow up. Good job BV on moving up to 20th this year, but you could've done alot better. Allmendinger should be in the 83 next year, not you. As a long time Brian Vickers fan, all I have to say is that I'm really disappointed. You RBRT bloggers tell me what you think.

4:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was close getting the 84 in the top 35, but BV did it.

5:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too am a BV fan and I agree somewhat to the first post. Not to the point of replacing him but the disappointment in the second half of the season. Speeding penalties are rookie mistakes! He has had this problem all year long. Really this should have been an easy task for him to get the 84 back in the top 35 with a decent finish. They are just lucky the 47finished last. We can only hope that next year he will be more consistent and possibly make the chase. Enjoy your off time RBR!

8:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I pretty much flipped out when BV got the speeding penalty. You would think that he would take everything easy on Sunday and he speeds on pitroad, during a green flag stop.

But c'mon. BV deserves that #83. AJ isn't going back to Red Bull. We need to put that behind us.

RBRT's main goal of 2008 was accomplished. Both cars are in the top 35. I'm looking forward to 2009.

9:55 AM  
Blogger ncsuredbull said...

BV would have been higher without the penalty points. Compared to last year RBRT has come a very long way.

10:20 AM  
Anonymous mike said...

If RBR wasnt stubborn and gave AJA the 2 yrs like he wanted, you'd be seeing AJA driving the 84 next season.

but to tell you the truth, I am it didnt work out that way. The 84 team needs alot of work and it showed when BV couldnt even keep that thing up front, and Scott Speed(who pretty much sucked in the 84)looks like a superstar driving the 83.

AJA will prosper no matter where he goes, and its obvious by what he did in the #10 in those 5 races.

1:08 PM  

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