Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Sweet Sounds of BV

From Eminem to Elvis, Sinatra to The Stones, Brian Vickers’ taste in music covers the spectrum. He even titled his MySpace Music playlist “Never Too Old To Be Young.”

“Music is timeless. Many artists are timeless,” Vickers said. “The old influences the new and in the case of myself, I as a young person, enjoy some of the classics.”

Twelve of Vickers’ favorites went up Monday in the featured playlist section at, and they’ll be given more real estate Saturday and Sunday. Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” leads off.

“There are some things that we can all relate to. Music is one of them because it’s all around us,” Vickers said. “Whether you’re in the car, or in line at the store, chances are there will be some form of music around you. MySpace Music has given me the opportunity to share some of my favorite songs with their members.”

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pretty cool playlist!!

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