Saturday, November 29, 2008

At Home for the Holidays

The off-season allows time for travel. The kind Brian Vickers enjoys, not the get-me-in, get-me-out kind of travel required on race weekends.

“There’s a difference,” he said, “in traveling for enjoyment and traveling for work. Traveling on a race weekend, there’s a lot of stress involved. When you’re traveling for enjoyment, it’s a completely different experience.”

BV spent much of his Thanksgiving week here in North Carolina, bouncing around from the race shop in Mooresville, to his business office in Thomasville to his pad in Charlotte. After that, he wouldn’t fully disclose his off-season destinations.

“A lot of time in New York, some time in Florida, some time traveling outside the U.S.,” he said. “Got to go to Austria. I’ll be everywhere. It’s going to be a lot this winter, but that’s OK. I love to travel.”

Teammate Scott Speed stayed local for Thanksgiving. “I keep it normal,” he said. “Nothing too crazy.”

This weekend, he’ll be arranging new furniture and decorating his home for Christmas. He says a trip to the West Coast is needed at some point during an ambitious test schedule.


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