Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Class Clown

AJ made a bunch of little race fans happy this morning when he visited Northview Elementary in Statesville, NC (Kindergarden - 2nd grades). The school won a visit from AJ by selling the 2nd most NASCAR Day pins in Iredell County at $5.00 a pop. Half of the profits went towards Stocks-for-Tots, which teamed with the NASCAR Foundation for the annual NASCAR Day celebration.

The day began with an assembly for the whole school where all the kids were able to ask Mr. AJ (as they called him) anything and everything they wanted to. Among the questions were "Who is your favorite driver?" (AJ's answer: "Well besides myself, and I am my favorite person, it would have to be Jeff Gordon"); "How old are you?" (with guesses ranging from 13 to 36); "How fast can you go in a racecar" (AJ's response of 200 mph got a lot of oohhh's and aahhh's from the kids); and "What was your favorite subject in school?" (AJ's response: "Math. I love numbers.")

Mrs. Shotkus's 1st grade class was the top-selling class within the school so they received some alone time with AJ. He personalized hero cards for each of the kids. We think a lot of new AJ Allmendinger fans were born today!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember selling stuff in elementary school, of course we never got prizes like having AJ come to school. Kind of makes a person feel robbed :o)

7:03 PM  

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