Sunday, January 20, 2008

Frigid Weekend for AJ

Right about now, AJ Allmendinger is settling in somewhere for Sunday night’s NFC championship game. He and fellow drivers Brian Vickers and Scott Speed spent a chilly weekend skiing 5,616 feet above in Kitzbühel, Austria.

But it wasn’t nearly as cold as it is in Green Bay, Wis. When the New York Giants kicked off to AJ’s Green Bay Packers at about 5:45 CT at Lambeau Field, the temperature was minus-1, with the wind chill minus-23.

It’s the third-coldest game in NFL history. The 1981 AFC championship game — played Jan. 10, 1982 in Cincinnati — gave frigid new meaning. The temperature was minus-9, the wind chill minus-59. Next was the Ice Bowl on Dec. 31, 1967 for the NFL title at Lambeau. It was minus-13 that day, and the wind-chill factor was estimated at minus-48.

Knowing AJ, however, he’d rather be freezing his tail off right there watching.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

that sounds like a fun trip. it's great to hear AJ, BV and Scott are hanging out.

5:36 PM  
Blogger Katie said...

I'm thinking Aj won't be TOO bummed given theoutcome. The game was intense there at the end, but we lost, which absolutely sucks. gaaah. man, they had a great run though. maybe BV and AJ can run as strong in the Sprint Cup.

7:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only thing that will cheer aj up is brett announcing that he will now have to come back for one more year so he can try again!!!

7:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am in Milwaukee and it is sooo cold up here and there are not a lot of happy Marquette students here since the Packers lost. Good luck this year boys!!!

8:03 PM  

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