Sunday, June 17, 2007


As AJ and BV began a long day at Michigan, our friends at Red Bull Formula One wrapped up their swing through North America, as the United States Grand Prix was run on the hallowed grounds of Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Despite all the caviar, culture and visits to exotic venues, F1 lags far behind NASCAR when it comes to captivating the American audience.
Here are 10 reasons why F1’s got nothing on NASCAR.
1. Real racers race every weekend. F1 races, what, 17 times in 2007? Weak! Try 38 times.
2. Unlike F1, NASCAR drivers can make up for an ill-handling car. If you ain’t in a Ferrari or McLaren, you got no shot.
3. We have cool terms like dirty air and Darlington stripe. What’s F1 got? A shunt?
4. F1’s high-end hospitality pales in comparison to a Martinsville hot dog or a Talladega turkey leg. And man, those pink dogs, with a little chili on top, are tasty.
5. NASCAR is a contact sport. After all, rubbin’ is racin’.
6. You have Bernie. We have Brian — France, that is. The Frances are gods around these parts.
7. F1 has the Concorde Agreement. NASCAR has gentleman’s agreements.
8. NASCAR lets its fans mill around in the garage and interact with drivers and crews. F1’s top-secret technology is on lockdown. What’s the point of having it if you can’t flaunt it?
9. Does F1 have fat, sweaty, beer-gutted race fans that pitch tents and live in squalor day after day just to see a race in the middle of nowhere? So dedicated are these folks that they’d rather die than miss 500 miles of entertainment.
10. Monaco is one cool circuit. But Watkins Glen … well, score one for F1.


Blogger Kristin said...

My boyfriend is a big fan of Formula 1. Those races being the same time as NASCAR races the last two weeks have been so hectic around here. First one to the TV wins it for the day. I've done pretty good at camping out in front of the big screen. I do have a two favorite F1 drivers....Props to Mark Weber for finishing in the Top 10 today. I also like David Coulthard.
Stinks that the NASCAR TRB had such a bad day. I was really looking forward to seeing Brian run up front. Too bad people were racing too hard, too early. That could have all been avoided. Loved hearing the 83 team on the radio fixing the car. The chemistry is there. I feel a win coming soon.
Keep your head up Brian.


2:15 PM  
Anonymous toro rosso 83fan said...

But we have Jeff Green and Ryan Newman taking out 2 of the best cars in the race!

2:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One F1 advantage that you forgot is that there is no Ryan Newman in F1 that will drive like an idiot 4 laps down and end up taking a solid TRB car out of contention. BV had a real opportunity to gain on the top 35 with Riggs and Sauter doing fairly bad, but wasn't to be I guess. I really think that 83 team will be in victory lane before the end of the year though.

2:18 PM  
Anonymous mac said...


3:34 PM  
Blogger FSUPooh83 said...

LOL!! All you guys took my smart-ass comments!

I Don't think David and Jeff will be having any nice leisurely brother bonding sessions anytime soon! :)


3:51 PM  
Blogger Krystle said...

AJ did a good job but man Brian appeared to have an awesome car! To be taken out while in the top 10 completely sucks!!!

3:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


4:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is everything about JR. kept waiting to see what happened to Vickers in the wreck. they never talked to the team, never showed the air view of the wreck. very disapointed in the anouncers. unless you are hendricks, gibbs or roush. you dont rank the effort.
the car was fast, yall were running 5th at one time. stay strong. you will win.

5:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Harvick recked us. It showed his onboard. JR slowed down so Harvick became the person behind us. He seen the wreck and barely let off the gas until he hit us...

5:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good job AJ on another solid run and finish, keep learning and finishing races - you and Brian will both be running at the front!

7:28 PM  
Anonymous 83givzuwingz said...

Yeah, even at the track they didn't have great wreck coverage, they replayed Newman spin, but not showing Brian and Matt getting hit! They did show them talking to Brian after the infield-care-center, but not a lot else. Brian gets the quote of the day "Who the hell has their head up their ass now?"

Brian has such a good car, and stuff like that stinks! They guys did great getting the car fixed I'm proud of all the crew and Doug and David for keeping things up-beat! Y'all rock!!!

It was also great to get to meet Brian today!!! :)

Off to Sonoma!!!


8:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

F1 advantage...Grid girls.

8:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sucks to see Brian get taken out like that, but if you heard in the broadcast Petty said that Red Bull has been the banner team for Toyota and the one thats seems to be getting the best results, and as long as TRD gets more bottom end out of the motors for Sonoma and New Hampshire we should see more of it, so Good luck Brian and AJ

9:45 PM  
Blogger RvNGrammy said...

I do enjoy Formula 1 racing and love following Scott Speed. He writes a cool newsletter that I receive about once a week. But, if the races are on at the same time as NASCAR, F-1 loses my attention completely!

Newman and Green - well I didn't like either of them before today. Now dislike them even more! GRRRRRR

11:21 PM  
Blogger Krystle said...

I heard the comments about Brian and the Team Red Bull Team from Petty. It was good to hear them get some credit but I also had to laugh b/c it was only about 2 weeks ago that Kyle said the 22 team was the best Toyota team. According to Petty if it hadn't been for their bad luck they would be in the top 15. I about threw something at my tv that day! Luckily I didn't have anything close or I would have had to buy a new tv. What has really shocked me was that Jimmy Spencer has been saying nice things about the 83 team the last several weeks.

5:56 AM  
Blogger Becca said...

Yeah but Jimmy jinxed Brian on RaceDay when he picked him to win. I was glad to see someone finally recognized all the hard work the TRB teams are doing.

12:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you wrote that comment you might be a…

Ok so you’re a NASCAR fan. I’m happy that you are true to your favorite teams and drivers. However to be so ignorant of the worlds most advanced and coveted racing series is naïve to say the least.

1. Formula one drivers not only drive in the races but also test their cars in a number of locations around the WORLD. These drivers push the car to develop technologies that are implemented into both production and racing cars throughout the worlds industries.
2. Are you aware that we speak English in this country? Have you even spent any time watching this season? Not only have we seen teams develop from last year but we have also seen new “rookie” drivers that are head and shoulders above any coming out of NASCAR. F1 has seen drivers with damaged cars not only finishing the race but finishing in key points positions.
3. Again to the point; you must not have spent any time watching the speed coverage of F1 racing. Of course you have dirty air. You’re driving a brick on wheels. F1 has true drafting and dirty air in the slipstream. Our drivers have to worry about clag or marbles or the rolled up rubber off the big black round things they drive on. We did adopt a term from NASCR when a car loses an engine. We too say he’s done blowed up.
4. It’s true that most Americans don’t have the same taste as the rest of the world. Being that NASCAR has its roots in the American carnival it’s not surprising that you would like hotdogs and caveman food while drinking your Bud.
5. When you’re going around in circles at a high speed it’s not at all surprising that one might get dizzy. So controlling your car could prove difficult. Rubbing is a product of bad car design and poor track etiquette.
6. Bernie is just one of the key players. Sorry, don’t know Bryan France.
7. Oh yeah the gentlemen’s agreement. That must be the one that allows you to throw a caution when there is invisible debris on the track.
8. Pit passes are available to those who are not too cheap to buy them. Of course there are areas that you can’t see to stop team espionage. As noted earlier a lot of the technology from F1 makes it to other markets.
9. F1 has its diehard fans too. However due to the changing venues of the sport only the rich travel the world. In country we do what every race fan does. Buy a ticket wait endlessly in lines to get to your seat to watch the best racing in the world.
10. Once again you prove you don’t know squat about the sport. Monaco is not a circuit. This is a true road course. Meaning that regular cars use it when the race is not in town. For anyone who knows F1 there have been a few in the US. Phoenix and Detroit come to mind.

F1 cars can turn in all directions, not just left. And the drivers can go around corners without the help of a bank!!

Funny that several European drivers, who have learned in the same way as the drivers who make it to F1, have come to America and won in all types of racing (Dario Franchiti is the latest) but all the “Champion” American racers go to F1 and embarrass themselves! Michael Andretti was a laughing stock, Scott Speed should be renamed Scott Slow!! Only Mario Andretti has ever been a Champion. Even Juan Pablo Montoya gave up in F1 and returned to the “easy” Nascar where he can beat up on the sissies!!!!

NASCAR? Oh, that’s that racing where the girls are now beating the men!!!

In closing I would like to say that I wish all my best to my F1 Red bull Drivers. You’re doing a great job. Keep it up!

4:32 PM  
Anonymous toro rosso 83fan said...

Wow, get a life...Do you understand humor? I like to watch F-1 and AOWR but it is true; their fans are either insecure or snobs or...both. Thanks for enlightening us redneck NASCAR fans!

4:38 PM  
Blogger Scott said...

I'm a lifelong Irish fan of F1 who found NASCAR at the start of last year. And watching NASCAR shows me all the faults in F1 for the reasons listed. Now, I'd rather go to a NASCAR race than an F1 race...:D

1:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stupid Kevin Harvick!

9:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

watching NASCAR is one thing, choosing to drive a fat tub over a modern day jet-fighter on wheels is another.

only a hick would choose a 'Monte Carlo' over an 'MP4-22'. only a layman would choose to watch heavy tubs run on ovals w/ the best left-hand turners in the world.

most racing experts agree that only jeff gordon in his prime years would have hung w/ F1 drivers, cars, and teams. what then of all the other drivers? these are guys who've won it all in junior leagues, but lack the special raw skills required to drive open wheel's de facto: Formula 1 racecar.

being a fan of NASCAR is one thing, comparing it to Formula 1 is just plain foolish.

2:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a formula 1 fan for the last 30 years I can say that all the reasons you stated are poor since It shows the lack of knowladge of what happens behind the curtains. The testing, the traveling etc. The logistics area monumental compared to NASCAR. America should be proud for NASCAR since it's 100% made in the USA. The races, the passes,the "rubbin" and the whatnots of the sport are very exciting. NASCAR is a motor sport that has history in a very rich and colorful way. However it will never be better than F1.

F1 gives so much to our everyday cars like traction control, stabilty control, etc. What does NASCAR gives...? Oh I know: How to keep turning left for 4 hours. LOL

My friend, to compare rice and beans to caviar is a poor choice.

What I would do is study the sport that disgusts you to the point of writing a blog and learn to love the enemy. Since in the long run gives back to our car companies more than NASCAR.

And my final insight for this blog.

Where can something that a brick on wheels is more fun to watch that a Ferrari?

6:36 AM  
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