Monday, October 16, 2006

Hog Heaven

Forget Flying Cows for a moment and embrace Rolling Hogs, hundreds of which rolled into the Team Red Bull compound yesterday as part of the annual Ride to Victory IV motorcycle ride to benefit the Victory Junction Gang Camp. With NASCAR legends Bill Elliott and Kyle Petty at the front, the charitable group of riders made a pitstop in Mooresville on their way from Gastonia (just west of Charlotte) to the VJG Camp in Randleman (near Greensboro). Awaiting the hogs were a display of Red Bull NASCAR and F1 showcars, a DJ with dance floor, Red Bull Flugtag video footage, and all the Red Bull and water one can consume before hitting the porta-potties.


Anonymous Helena C. said...

Kyle Petty is a phenomenal person. Simple as that.

11:45 AM  
Anonymous chops said...

He and his father!
Steve Park was also out there that day and he was super cool to the fans.

5:06 PM  
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