Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Bulls in Blue Jerseys

The Bulls in Blue Jerseys (as modeled by Captain Morgan) are out in full force on Tuesday nights at Kannapolis Park off Hwy 3 (so named after Dale). With six Nextel Cup teams duking it out in the annual flag football tournament, the Bulls know their competition is fierce. In the team's first outing, Lowe’s Motor Speedway squeaked one out on the Bulls with a 13 – 6 score. Team quarterback Mike “Deep Dish” Rose defends the Bulls lackluster performance claiming it was all part of a team strategy. “We were just sandbagging LMS so we could show our true talent against Evernham Motorsports this week,” Deep Dish said. The Bulls in Blue Jerseys have endured grueling twice-per-week practice drills at the Mooresville compound and have acquired an impressive roster including “Cucumber,” “Deep Dish,” “Curb Feeler,” “Hulchay,” “Ike & Tina” and more. Heads up Evernham…rumor has it the team is rolling out a no-huddle offense tonight to speed up the clock.


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