Thursday, October 05, 2006

Pink Flamingo

Rumor has it that we’re wooing away personnel from competing Cup teams with large paychecks, fancy offices, and all the Red Bull they can drink. The folks in the marketing department, might say that’s a bunch of bull (except for the Red Bull part). Their ‘plush office’ is actually a triple-wide trailer tucked behind two large green dumpsters in the farthest corner of the Mooresville compound. Modifications were made to the trailer including pink plastic flamingos to dress up the yard and hamburger-themed hanging lights to decorate the wooden porch, but luxury it’s not. The creative minds are happy to call it home, though it’s just temporary. By May, a new addition will be built onto the race shop and the trailer will no longer have a place in the compound.


Anonymous Helena C. said...

I would work for you all for free, maybe once I finish my mechanical engineering degree next December.

8:57 PM  

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