Monday, October 23, 2006

Gas 'n Go

NASCAR is trading in their mojo next year, getting rid of high-octane leaded fuel in favor of unleaded fuel. They’re also trading in the notion of using different size fuel cells for different size tracks, by requiring teams to switch to a standard 17-gallon fuel cell (shown) that can be used at all Cup venues. TRB mechanics were heard gossiping around the water cooler about NASCAR’s intentions. Are they really trying to cut costs for teams by using just one size fuel cell, or is this another example of NASCAR trying to gain more control over the teams? Each guy had a different opinion, but the one thing they could all agree on was that fuel cells are pricey – coming in at over $3,000 a pop.


Anonymous Helena said...

17 gallons at all tracks? So we'll be pitting, what, every 10 laps at Indy, Daytona, and Talladega? Aye yi yi.

Curiousity: Has Brian been able to get in one of the Toyota Camry race cars yet, or does he have to wait until this season is over to begin prepping for next year?

4:06 PM  
Anonymous Helena said...

AJ!!!!!!!! I LOVE him. RBR is my new favorite team. First you have my favorite driver, but adding AJ to it just seals the deal.

9:53 AM  

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