Monday, November 13, 2006

Pit Crew U

Team Red Bull pit crew tryouts are currently underway at the PIT Instruction and Training facility in Mooresville. The 5 OFF 5 ON Race Team Performance group provides placement and consulting for existing and aspiring over-the-wall gang members. Held at night under the lights at the state-of-art PIT facility (it's a blue and grey concrete building next to Robert Yates Racing) under the watchful eye of TRB's pit manager, split second differences between pit stops are analyzed by video clips on a nearby laptop immediately after each round. Who will make the cut and get the chance to fly into each race weekend for that all-important job that lasts less than 15 seconds a stop. Bet it is a pretty good pay per second rate. But job security can be as loose as a lug nut.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's cool that there's a school that trains the guys that go over the wall. What other teams go to that school? You'd think other teams would want to go there to make their pit crews faster.

7:38 AM  

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